The hidden beauty of Nature: a visual odyssey

We are two students of entomology and the natural sciences (Darwin’s our homie, man). This blog is a way to share high-quality images of insects that we are fortunate enough to access in various museum collections and from our own collecting, as well as thoughts on biology, links to articles,and quite possibly a bit of silliness.

So much animal diversity is hidden away in secretive microhabitats, remote locations, and closed collections – or by merely being very small; we hope these pictures and posts are interesting to both biologists and non-scientists who can appreciate the beauty and fascinating stories of these microbeasts. While birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish are easier to notice and observe (and certainly amazing in their own right), insects comprise the vast majority of the planet’s species. And when you get them under a powerful scope – or just spend some time with your chin in the dirt – the stunning detail of their colors and shapes, the complexity of their behaviors, and the science-fiction-like truths of their adaptations start to show themselves brilliantly.

We are:

Liam-myrmex:  has worked with buprestid beetles, mutillid wasps, and on ecological surveys.

Zach-cryptocerus: an aspiring ant systematist.

Though we have our areas of speciality, we share an enduring fascination for the Arthropoda and life in general. When not rampaging the hills of our native California, we’re usually in the lab: mounting, labeling, identifying, and imaging. . .

We are both employed as digital imagers for http://www.AntWeb.org (with which this blog is not affiliated in any way. Any content in these posts is not reflective of AntWeb, the California Academy of Sciences, or the NSF).


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