Chrysidid Wonderland III – Chrysis purpurata

Today, another female Chrysis cuckoo wasp. This is Chrysis purpurata, formerly in the genus Euchroeus. The large genus Chrysis seems to contain many of the most splendid species, although every member of the Chrysididae is eye-popping. Hey, too many of these posts and we might have a crisis on our hands. Whoah-kay, sorry for that, folks. Maybe the punbelievable patterns and colors of this wasp can make up for tha – damn, did it again. Enough talk; more wasps! Remember to click ‘er for full size.

Chrysis purpurata


The pictured specimen [BMNH(E)1015016] is the property of the Natural History Museum, London (BMNH).

All images and text contained in the above post are copyright © Z. Lieberman 2012. See bottom of page for usage guidelines.


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